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Family packing materials

To make moving easier, Callvan Hire can provide you with packing materials. Gone are the days when you used to be able to ask your local supermarket to keep their empty packing boxes for you. We have decided to put 2 different sized kits together for you. Another way Callvan Hire can help take the stress out of moving.

Starter Removals Kit

Ideal for smaller moves, students, flat, etc.

These packing materials contains:

  • 10 standard double wall boxes (12”x12”x12”)
  • 5 large double wall boxes (16”x16”x16”)
  • 5 metres of bubble wrap
  • 1 free roll of packing tape
  • This is priced as a whole kit with the above contents

All the above costs £38.60 + VAT

Large Removals Kit

Ideal for packing a 3-4 bedroom house.

This Removal Kit contains:

  • 10 Standard wall boxes (12”x12”x12”)
  • 10 large double boxes (16”x16”x16”)
  • 10 Jumbo double wall boxes (24”x18”x18”)
  • 15 metres of bubble wrap
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 marker pen
  • 1 free tape gun

All the above cost £72.50 + VAT

Order your packing materials kit now!

If you would like to buy any of the above packing materials please call 01202 295 599 or 01425 477 442 or email us to place your order. We can have it waiting for you when you pick up your hire vehicle.

Please let us know which extras you require during your rental and we will add them to your order

Expert packing advice

To help you with your move Callvan Hire has provided you with some helpful packing hints to ensure your move goes as smoothly and as stress free as possible:

How to pack items safely & stop damage
Lifting Safely

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!