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What is the right size van to hire?

What is the right size van to hire?

  • Use an online Van Calculator to ensure you hire the right size van for the job
  • Fit the size of your hire contract to your own needs
  • Browse a reputable van hire company’s fleet to find the right size van or truck for your business
  • If you are moving home or office, make sure you have the right size van for the move
  • Hire from a company which provides packing and back saving extras to make lifting safe and easier

When it comes to hiring a van, there are a lot of options to choose from. It can be a bit confusing at the best of times. That’s why we at Callvan Hire have our own Van Calculator, on site to help you choose the right size van for your purpose.

Particularly if you are moving home or office, the Van Calculator will ensure you don’t hire a van that is too big for your needs; or worse still, too small!

Likewise, when you are running a business, any vehicle you hire should be the right size for the job. We have a full range of superb vans and trucks to choose from, so why not check out the lot on our website, where we have full details of every vehicle, including refrigerated models, all at great prices.

Callvan Hire operates a flexible contract hire service called Flexi-Hire, which means you can pick up a rental deal tailored to you and your business needs. The peace of mind you gain from knowing that servicing, tax and maintenance are all taken care of is matched by the bespoke deal we can set up for you; whether on long term or short term deals.

When you’ve matched your needs to the right size van, make sure you take advantage of our back savers, trolleys and ramps – all available for hire, along with our removal kits, if you are moving home or office.

Get a Quote now by completing our online quote enquiry form or call us on 01202 295599 to discuss which sized van you need.

What is the right size van to hire?